Welcome to The Domestic Peach!

Hi Everyone!

Here I am – the girl with the THREE C’s: cupcakes, candy, and communications skills… consolidated into one sweet package!


Almost five years after entering the field of PR and discovering how life is as a career-driven adult, I’ve decided to take the plunge and dive into the world of blogging, online dialogue, and, of course, engaging pictorial content! Combined with my love for everything and anything ‘girly’, my enjoyment of domestic activities, and my obsession with the ultimate chick flick, A League of Their Own, you’ve got my blog, ‘The Domestic Peach’!

A League of Their Own is not only one of my favourite cultural references, but it is also ‘proof in the pudding’ that women can – and do it all! It is for this reason that I have tributed my blog name to the beloved movie team, the Rockford Peaches!

The Domestic Peach is a forum on food, fashion, favourite products and activities, frugal finds and fantastic spotlights on people who inspire – all for the mainstream, every day woman! Basically, I am combining my part homebody/part social butterfly with things that are fun and fresh!

I look forward to sharing all of this with you as I embark on this blogging journey and cannot wait to see what unfolds.





  1. kristen says:

    Hooray! Excited to read your updates!

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