Time to Stock up on the Sunglasses

With only three days into summer, the extended hours of sunshine is everyone’s favourite aspect of this season. Whether it is about getting more done in a day with extended hours of light or enjoying wearing shorts after a longer than usual winter, everyone is in summer mode! Even though the sun is around all 12 months of the year, some people are negligent and do not think about putting their sunglasses to good use until we hit June.

On top of making it a habit to protect your corneas from that bright glare, summer is a great time to check out different sunglasses and see what suits you and your face shape. Whether it is the stylish pair, the one with the polarized lenses or springing for ones that have your prescription built it, it is the key season to shop for those peeper protectors.

Many of us crave designer labels when it comes to sunglasses, but with bills, expenses and saving goals, buying a pair of $400 designer sunglasses doesn’t seem to fit in well with every day priorities. In order to keep some dollars in your wallet and get great style with your sunnies, here are some stylish options between $100 and $185:

Tory Burch Sunglasses

Tory Burch TY7004 Sunglasses in Brown, $179


Ralph by Ralph Lauren RA4004 Sunglasses in Gold and Brown, $149

Michael Kors

Michael Kors Olivia Sunglasses in Grey, $146


Armani Exchange AX2003 Sunglasses in Red Frames and Brown Lenses, $102

Ray Ban

Ray-Ban RB4203 51 Sunglasses in Black, $185





  1. Love the Tory Burch glasses!

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