The Season of Shellac

During the spring and summer, I tend to cook more, get hands on with the barbeque and trying out new recipes, planting beautiful flowers in the front yard with my mom, and going swimming when I can. All of these things are great, but with more cooking, cleaning, gardening and swimming comes more chipping to my nails and my nail polish not lasting long (we are talking two or maybe three days for my regular mani).

One thing that is my nail saviour during the spring and summer is CND Shellac – a nail polish that delivers a two-week flawless manicure, complete with superior colour and shine, no drying time and no chipping – for 14 days straight or sometimes even longer!


For me, CND shellac nail polish has been amazing for my nails. It cuts my manicure appointments down to twice a month (instead of going for two manicures and two polish changes per month), it helps my nails to stay thicker, stronger and allows for more growth time and the polish stays as perfect as it looked on the first day of wear.

I will be honest though. CND Shellac manicures and nail polishes are not for everyone. If you have weaker nails, it is good to strengthen them with nail care products for a while first before trying shellac.

For this summer, CND Shellac came out with a gorgeous collection of shades for 2014.


In addition to these beautiful brights, I fell in love with two colours from their Open Road Collection, which would be Sun Bleached (pastel yellow) and Mint Convertible (mint). LOVE these shades for spring and summer as well because they are soft and sweet.

Openroad.jpgEven after all of the handling of food, putting my nails into the water at the pool or gardening without wearing proper gloves at times, CND Shellac keeps my nails looking beautiful – hence, the season of shellac!

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