The ‘Original’ Peach

Feminine. Crafty. Chic. Domestic. These are the words that came to mind when I began my journey to becoming a blogger.

After years of debating whether to join the world of online dialogue and working up the courage to put my ideas out on the web, I am finally here and am loving it!

My name is Melissa – known as ‘Missy’ to my family and ‘Mel’ to my friends and colleagues. I am a PR gal turned blogger.

Welcome to my blog: The Domestic Peach!

The Domestic Peach ‘blossomed’ from the idea that people can live balanced lives of work and play – both inside their comfort zones and outside discovering the world.

The is a forum on food, fashion, favourite products and activities, and frugal finds. Basically, I am combining my part homebody/part social butterfly with things that are fun and fresh!

I am excited to share with you, and look forward to hearing from you… whether it is a peachy thought, a note just to say ‘hello’, or even expressing your desire to be a blog contributor.

Yours truly,


Melissa.Grosser (at)