Show Your ‘Mo!

Well, it’s been a week into November already and you know why it is obvious? More mens’ stubble is starting to show, in the form of a mustache! That’s right. It is Movember time – the annual awareness campaign that takes place each November, where men are challenged to grow mustaches as a way to raise funds for and awareness of men’s cancers such as prostate and testicular cancer, as well as general mental health issues. When it started, people would laugh at the idea of their guys growing facial hair, especially on some faces that could not rock it. However, to this day, over 4 million mustaches have been grown worldwide for the cause, truly putting the spotlight on fundraising and education of men’s health issues.

Now, for us ladies, even though we cannot participate in Movember in the same way as the boys, it doesn’t mean we need to be fully left out. Since Movember came on the scene and exploded into this clever charitable movement, the symbol of the mustache has been adopted by many fashion and lifestyle brands. This allows for us girls to partake in mustache-themed items to help express the ‘Mo in our own way and support the cause.

Here are just a few of the many mustache ways to express your own ‘Mo…

From Forever 21 – Mustache Charm Necklace in Gold or Silver:

New Picture (6)From Spreadshirt – Hello Mustache Ladies T-Shirt:

New Picture (11)

From Mustache Stuff – Mustache Reusable Cup with Straw:

New Picture (10)

 From Esty – Blue Mustache iPhone Case:

New Picture (12)

However you may want to express your ‘Mo this Movember, don’t forget to give back! Donate what you can to the Movember cause!


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