Rockin’ Romper

Even with the chilly period in April, summer is constantly on my mind. Summer is a great season for many reasons. Warm sunshine, hot weather, longer days, and an increase in natural Vitamin D is wonderful, but one thing I look forward to the most is the fashion. Summer fashion usually consist from vibrant colours and bright patterns and feel lighter and airy on the body as you wear the items during the season.

Aside from elegant maxi and midi dresses and cute shorts, one of my favourite things to wear during the summer is the romper! A romper is a great cross between a onesie and a jumper, comes with shorts, and can be designed with sleeves or straps or strapless, solid shades or colourful patterns. I love rompers because they are comfortable, easy to wear and help you stay cool in hot and steamy summertime weather.

When it comes to shopping for a romper, I like to be conservative when shopping for them, as they are a trendy, seasonal item and can only be worn in warm weather or be taken away on a hot vacation.

Last spring, I came across the online store – an international etailer founded in Manchester, United Kingdom – which sold several adorable rompers at great pricing (which stays great even after converting the prices from pounds to dollars). One important thing to note – if you are going to shop for rompers on, the British call rompers “playsuits”, so that is how you can search for them on the site. Here are some of the incredible selections currently on



BeFunky Collage

The rompers come in a variety of styles, materials, and colours. I admit, I am a huge fan of floral and paisley patterns. Rompers are fun to wear, so it is a great time to rock a funky pattern when wearing one. I can speak from experience, from sporting my green paisley patterned romper from last summer on the streets of New York City:


Got any great fashion online stops or brands to recommend for rompers? Please do share!


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