Peach Beauty Pick – Kiss InstaWave

Waves, wonderous waves. Whether your hair is stick straight, frizzy wavy or ringlet curly, the look of big waves seems to be what most women crave for their mane these days. Over the last few years, the most stylized wave has come into play because it has the ability to either create more volume, smooth out those stubborn frizzy curls, or sculpts a simple yet more glamorous look. Craving it is one thing. Creating the waves is another thing. This is why I introduce you ladies out there to a great new hair tool to help your hair ride the wave:  The Kiss InstaWave.


Ever since the curling wand hit the hair styling market, I bought one and began experimenting with it – from creating tight, cute curls to giving it a beach hair look. In the beginning, it took practice. I would create weird ridges in my hair or my coordination to hold the wand without it slipping out of my protected gloved hand was not steady. After a few tries and watching some great DIY YouTube hair videos, I got the hang of it! However, when I had the chance to try the Kiss InstaWave, my interest was sparked as this tool only requires you to loop your hair through, press a button, and release the hair.

The InstaWand works in a few easy steps…

1) You decide what type of style you would like for your hair. Do you like loose, medium or super tight waves and/or curls?

2) Spray your hair with a light heating styling protector and comb it through your mane.

3) Heat up your Kiss InstaWave tool.

4) Loop your hair through the teeth surrounding the wand part of the Kiss InstaWave tool.

5) Press the setting button that matches the type of curl you want, which will wrap your hair around the wand, hold for the amount of time depending on the style you wish to achieve, then release and allow to cool.

6) Follow up with a spritz of hairspray once the curl has cooled down and is set.

After a test run, I used my Kiss InstaWave to style my hair for a friend’s wedding and this was the end result…


Overall, the Kiss InstaWave did a great job but I found I needed to practice using the tool, as it tangled my hair the first few times I tried to curl my hair. After getting the hang of it, it was simple. I loved how it curls the hair easier than a traditional curling wand and it protects your hands and arms from potentially being burned by the wand as it mechanically curls the hair for you with a quick press of a button. Once you get the hang of it, it is a great go-to curling and wavy mane tool!


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