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It’s been almost two months since I returned from being away in paradise. When I mean paradise, I am referring to the week-long Caribbean cruise that my fiancée and I took over the holiday season in December. Enjoying the hot weather and long periods of sunshine for a week was a vital in rejuvenating myself for what has been one of my most busy quarters at work. Even though it has been almost 60 days since my lovely trip (not to mention being back in winter weather with a small amount of daylight), keeping up my vacation glow and appearing more energized is important – especially during these long winters and with my already fair complexion. This is where one of my important makeup items comes in – BRONZER!

Whether you were away over the holidays, were away this month, off on a mid-winter vacation or staying in town all season, here are The Domestic Peach’s favourites for making you glow:

Brush On Beads, The Body Shop, $22

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This product has been my go-to since high school. Light, airy, and a gorgeous combination of bronze and blush beads, Body Shop’s Brush On Beads gives the face a touch of radiance with light-diffusing particles and pearl pigments.

Undetectable Creme Bronzer, Sonia Kashuk®, $10.99

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I got into cream-based bronzers two years ago and I have to say that products like this are key to your makeup collection. This bronzer by Sonia Kashuk transforms from cream to powder and blends beautifully into the skin, while nourishing it with Vitamin E.

Sun On The Run, Too Faced Cosmetics, $20

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A wonderful compact duo that you can keep on your bathroom counter or take with you for constant glowing coverage.  This Too Faced portable bronzer is half golden bronze, half-light bronze with a pink hue, along with a handy Flatbuki Brush.

All Over Bronzing Gel – SPF 15, Bobbi Brown, $34

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A double message on sun protection here – fake the bake and protect your skin from the sun, all at the same time! Bobbi Brown has created a unique bronzing gel that enhances the shade of your skin with a tanned look, all while giving you a dose of SPF 15.

Got any staple bronzers in your makeup collection? Please share them with us on The Domestic Peach!

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