Oh honey… time to sweeten up the body care

Hon·ey [huhn-ee] – a sweet, viscid fluid produced by bees from the nectar collected from flowers, and stored in nests or hives as food.



A past and present food favourite for many, honey is smooth and delicious to the taste and sweet-smelling to the nose. On top of enjoying some honey stirred into my tea or spread on a bagel over top some smooth cream cheese, I love the scent of honey when it comes to candles, bath oils and body care.

On top of its wonderful taste and fragrance, honey is great for the skin for the following reasons:

  • Packed full of antioxidants, ideal for helping to repair the look of fine lines, aging and damage
  • A natural antibacterial compound, great for acne treatment and prevention
  • Ultimate smoother, moisturizing and soothing for the skin – great for overall tone and touch

Recently, I was in Bath and Body Works (my fragrance heaven) and was introduced into BBW’s Signature Honey product collection – incredible items that are great for the skin and are priced at $16.50 per item at the most. I was hooked at first smell!

Here are some of the Domestic Peach’s favourites from this new body care line, plus one of their classic hand soaps that has been a bestseller for years:

Almond and Honey

 Almond & Honey Body Scrub


           French Lavender & Honey EDP

Wild Honeysuckle

Wild Honeysuckle Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

Apricot and Honey

Apricot & Honey Body Scrub

French Lavender and Honey

French Lavender & Honey Body Souffle

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