Live the Fear this Halloween with Screemers

A few weeks ago, one of my blogger friends treated me to Toronto’s greatest scarefests in the city for Halloween – she hooked me up with VIP tickets to Screemers! This fall, Screemers celebrates 21 years since it unveiled its first haunted house experience and has grown to become one of Toronto (and Hamilton’s) key attractions for October, leading up to Halloween. Since it had been many years since I had attended Screemers (I would say that the last time I was there was maybe at the age of 12 or 13), I was excited to return to experience it again, and take one of my best friends along for this scary ride.


This year, Screemers had five main haunted attractions – Skull Castle, The Diabolical House of Cards, The Darkness, The Haunted House, and the Slasher Wax Museum – and the classic Maniac Maze. I went through all of the attractions and really enjoyed it! I also admit, I definitely screamed a few times and slowly and carefully made my way through each one.


Overall, my favourite was The Diabolical House of Cards, which is the neon coloured, 3D haunted house. Even though it was bright and flashy, it did not turn down the fear factor. Here is a preview of the cool neon designs on the walls of The Diabolical House of Cards (it’s a bit blurry as I was being chasing by a scary looking clown):



To end the night off, my friend and I came across a psychic’s tent and I treated us both to a tarot card reading, which was really fun and had a lot of truth in it. I really love how they add this into Screemers, as most people love a good crystal ball, palm or card reading.


If you are in Toronto or Hamilton tonight (Thursday, October 30th) or tomorrow night on Halloween (Friday, October 31st) with no plans for the scary holiday, check out Screemers! Tickets are $30 tonight and tomorrow night. It is a great scaring attraction that will leave you wanting more.


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