Let’s get lazy… with pants!

With autumn arriving in a few weeks, I’m starting to dust off my fall wardrobe and thinking about those relaxing nights in. One thing I crave during the cooler season is a comfy, cozy pair of sweatpants. After a long day of work, nothing is better than slipping into something soft and warm.

Last week, I attend the Fall preview for Lazypants. Lazypants is a brand that I discovered over a year ago. Since I first laid eyes on their wonderful lounge wear, the brand started popping up in popular boutiques. Personally, I can understand the obsession – Lazypants are high quality, come in a large selection of colours, and even after numerous washes, the pants are still thick, warm, and vibrant.


As I walked through the Fall preview at Toronto’s Bloke & 4th, I was surrounded by several pairs of Lazypants, along with their hoodies and EVEN a Lazypants blanket. I admit that the blanket being added to their collection made me very excited.

This season, Lazypants is showing new and unique washes and patterns when it comes to their pants.

I started the tour by checking out these new faded pants, which came in shades from jewel tones to soft gentle hues.


To get in touch with the tie dye trend, this hippy look was showcased well in shades of bubble gum, turquoise and a light indigo.


And for the simple shopper, Lazypants has their neutral staples – a great selection of them, I may add!


Next time you are relaxing, order up a pair of these pants and wear them as you lounge.

Visit www.shoplazypants.com to order and for more information.

Trust me. It’s a great way to get lazy!


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