Land of Amazing Leggings & More: UNIQLO

I was in New York City this past weekend and after finishing an overdue catch-up brunch with friends who live in The Big Apple, I asked them one of my key travel questions – What store would you recommend to shop in? To my delight, these friends know me and my style well – half trendy, half comfy – and instantly recommended this store called Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a retail store that originates from Japan, which produces, showcases and sells fashion basics in gorgeous shades, cool prints and my favourite – comfortable fabrics to wear!

After hearing my friends rave on and on about this store, I walked over to Fifth Avenue and walked into Uniqlo. This is the first amazing floor that I step into – a colourful and vibrant space, filled with funky fashion displays:




After getting lost in the various displays, racks and shelves of clothing, I became immersed in a world of soft, comfortable and wonderful basics that come in beautiful, bold colours! As a regular legging wearer, Uniqlo was a haven for me! They had 30+ shades of leggings that look like denim pants or dress pants  but are actually slip-on, comfy leggings. The brand also produces printed pants for each season that reflects on the latest trends and styles. I cashed in on this by purchasing a pair of Uniqlo’s houndstooth legging pants for the great low price of $22 – appears dressy but fits like a comfy legging:

Uniqlo pant

Aside from these amazing pants that combine style and lounging, here are some of my other basic favourites that I found while walking around Uniqlo:


The clothes speak for themselves. Much needed basics in tons of colours, trendy prints, soft and comfortable fabrics, and at great prices. Pants start at $19; sweaters start at $22; dresses start at $49. All I can say is my fingers crossed for a Canadian location to open up soon!

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