It’s Spring – Time for more sun…and maybe, less clothes

600-02200699Spring has arrived and with all of the fancy juice cleanses, the self bronzing lotions and getting ready for a warmer and brighter season, it is also time for the spring closet purge!

Yes, the idea of this is always a bit sad – the idea of parting ways with some of your favourite, famous and fancy fashion items may be a hard concept at first, but sometimes, the good old clothing cleanse can feel great. A time to give to others in need, a time to admit when that dress from six years ago is not your style anymore and a time to make room for some newer pieces.

You don’t need to purge every year. Personally, I do a good closet purge every two years. However, it is important to admit when your closet and drawers are too full and when that tube top from high school needs to be retired.

Here are some rules I created for myself to follow when I purge my closet, which you may find helpful:

1) If a piece of clothing is more than 5 years old and is not a vintage or a pricey designer classic piece, evaluate how much you wear it still. If you barely wear it, chuck it.

2) For items between 3 and 5 years old, examine them closely for quality control. If the colour is still vibrant, the garment isn’t thinned out or pilled, try it on. If it still makes you look amazing, keep it for a while. If not, time to give it away.

3) Check for clothing with price tags still on. Put these things at the front of your closet so you remember to wear them. If there is anything that you bought on an impulse and don’t like anymore, see if any friends or family want it. It is brand new, so try to gift it out.

4) Sweaters, sweat pants, hoodies, anything warm and cozy – if you have too many of these things, give at least two or three warmer items to charity. It will help to keep a few people warm next fall and winter.

5) Once you have completed your purge, done clothing swaps with friends, and donated some of your items of charity, start organizing your wardrobe! Create drawers to hold one type of clothing; divide up your closet accordingly; colour code things too!

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