It’s Fall! Time to Get Back to Your Roots

As a proud Canadian, I’ve spent my entire life trying to embrace all seasons, even the coldest ones. Yes, the winters can be harsh, but the fashion can be fabulous. One brand that has been a great cold weather staple and screams Canuck spirit is Roots! Ever since I can remember, I have been a huge Roots girl. From my days as a toddler running around in my matching baby pink Roots sweat suit to sporting my worn-in grey sweatpants with the beaver logo on the thigh at sleepover camp to having my Roots tuffs (the BEST hiking boots) go in and out of style a dozen times in my shoe collection.

Being Canadian and wonderful, Roots has maintained their old-school classics, such as the sweatpants and hoodies dressed in vintage logos, and has incorporated more trendy and dressed up items into the mix. After a recent visit to their store, I fell in love with some of their newest items that would make as wonderful additions to anyone’s closet.

Here are some of The Domestic Peach’s faves for the fall… and winter season, for that matter:


New Picture (5)

This warm tunic jacket feels like you are wearing a sweatshirt but is cut nicely and can be dressed up or down, depending on your outfit.


New Picture (2)

Slip into these pants and it feels like a stretchy yoga pant! Fits like a glove, comes in classic black or a cool cabernet colour, and has interesting detailing, such as fun pockets.


New Picture (3)

Nothing is better for fall than a cozy flannel shirt in a plaid pattern. I admit, when this trend came back this year and was reminiscent of 1990s grunge, I was excited.


New Picture (9)

For all of us who have grown up with Roots in the 70s and 80s, this is a great hoodie. It has the vintage worn-in logo on a classic Roots sweatshirt – can’t get much better than this.


New Picture (4)

A new season, so it may be time for a new purse! This crossbody purse is fairly large, has cute tassel and hardware detailing and comes in the perfect autumn colour of Cinnamon.

Have you visited Roots lately? Share your fall fashion favourites of this brand with me below this post!


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