Gardening 101 – For the Beginner

From a young age, I always admired the beautiful landscapes and gardens that my mom has kept in the front and back yards of my family home. The combination of lush greenery, vibrant flowers and sweet-smelling aromas would have me in awe, to the point where I would crave spring and summer just to see the outdoor beauty again and again.

In order to create a garden of my own someday, I decided to educate myself on the design, maintenance and tools needed to create a gorgeous garden.


After a ton of reading, these are the tips I found that are the most useful:

1. Create a garden vision board – This means clipping and pasting some of your favourite garden ideas, colours and plant preferences into a book.

2. Set your budget – You may have created a scrapbook of your favourite garden looks, but before you head off to shop, research into what you would love for your garden, price it out and set up a budget that works for you.

3. Purchase and prep your gardening tools for the season – Head to the home store or hardware store and purchase basic gardening tools, such as a few different sizes of shovels, gardening scissors and trimmers, gloves and other things to create a gorgeous design. Spray tools with a silicone or Teflon compound to create no-stick tools.

Gardening tools

4. Find the right gardening centre for you – Ask family and friends, look online for reviews and get tons of recommendations! So many people do their own gardening, so inquiring and reading up on it will help you find a centre that is close to home and offers what you are looking for.

5. Select your plants – Aside from buying within your budget, make sure you pick plants and flowers that thrive in your climate.

6. Prepare your car for plant transportation – Put a plastic tarp down in your trunk to prevent it from getting dirty, then put boxes in there for the plants to sit in. It will keep them secure and from moving around during the drive.

garden flowers

7. Pick a spot – Select your desired location in your front yard or back yard, clear the ground and even get the ground in better condition by adding a an inch or two of compost, dry grass clippings or old manure.

8. Plant, water and watch them grow – Plant carefully. If you are planting pre-grown flowers into the ground, make sure they are secure in the soil, then water. If you are planting seeds, ask your gardening centre how far down you should plant. If you are planting in pots, make sure there is enough soil in them. Water daily in order to quench the plants’ thirst and to keep the ground moist.

Am I missing anything? Please share your additional gardening tips below – would love to hear your tricks!

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