From the Bridal to the Bohemian Rock Chic Handbag

One of the rewarding things about working in PR is that I get the opportunity to meet some incredible people, including some very talented and creative fashion designers.  One of the designers I have met over the past two years that has amazed me by her creativity, her eye for design, and her stellar personality is Minling Pan – the lovely driving force behind the handbag brand, MIN.


Minling has an incredible eye and vision, which she uses to create unique handbag designs that derive from a classic look to the latest trend on the market. What I love about her collections is that there is a special purse for everyone in it – whether you are looking for an everyday handbag that is interesting to the eye or a spectacular, show-stopping purse for a fancy occasion.

This year, MIN has presented two collections which are extremely different, yet cater nicely to the day and nighttime needs that we are looking for in a handbag.

The first of the two new collections is the MIN Bohemian Rock Chic collection, for the rocker girl in all of us. This roster of handbags melds together the rock n roll look of tassels, mod designs and tones, and practicality, all in one. This group has various options, which include clutches, cross-body bags, saddles, totes, and even a design that is inspired after a boxed design. The purses in this collection retail from $179 to $269.

image1 (20)

The second collection is the MIN Cologne Red Carpet collection, for the glamour girl that we all love to be… even for just a night. Inspired from a classic perfume bottle, these beautiful clutches have been produced in gorgeous colours with lace accents and come with long and short detachable chains for hands-free use. Purses from this newest cologne collection retail for $99.

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Minling’s creativity is truly unique. For me, it was love at first sight. I love her designs so much that on my wedding day in November, I will definitely be sporting one of her 2015 MIN Cologne Red Carpet clutches – a beautiful handbag that will truly complete my bridal look and keep my wedding lipstick close by in a gorgeous purse.

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