Friday Flick – Val’s and Gal’s Edition

Today is Galentine’s Day and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so we are all in store for a very loving, yet heart-shaped obsessed, chocolate craving, rose receiving time, all wrapped up in red, white and pink!

For some, having a relaxing night in with your loved ones or friends makes for a perfect Valentine’s Day (and in the case of today, Galentine’s Day). What will make your evening better? A good old rom-com movie or a pure mushy gushy romantic flick! Here are some of The Domestic Peach’s picks for this year’s most romantic, loving holiday:

 Some Romantic-Comedy Suggestions…


For the Mushy Side in all of us…


Whatever you are in the mood for, night out on the town or a night in with a movie, wishing you a great weekend!


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