Friday Flick – Meatballs

What:  Meatballs6a0120a85dcdae970b0120a86d45b9970b

When:  1979

Who:  Bill Murray

What’s the story:  A funny, feel-good film about a summer away at sleepover camp – a movie that takes many of us back to those amazing years at camp. Set in the summer of 1979 at the fictitious Camp North Star, Meatballs follows the hilarious antics of Tripper Harrison (head counsellor), the CITS (counsellors-in-training), and the campers, as they face the good, the bad, and the ugly while having the summer of their lives.

Where:  In Canada at a sleepover camp.

Why it’s amazing:  Meatballs literally transports anyone back who are former camp goers to a time where camp was everything and excites current campers for their summers ahead at camp. This movie covers all of the camp classics – the activities, the friendships, the pranks, the first kisses, and the tears shed at the final campfire. Also, it was filmed at an actual sleepover camp and not a set – very authentic.

What is bad about it:  Nothing! Well, I am biased because I was a camper and staff member for many years at sleepover camp. The only thing some could argue is that it is apparent that the film’s budget was small.

Wonderful scene in the movie:  A toss-up between the colour war sequence scenes between Camp North Star and Camp Mohawk and when Tripper and the male CITs move the camp director in his bed from his cabin into the lake.

Fun Fact:  This movie successfully launched the career of Ivan Reitman as a distinguished director and was filmed at Camp White Pine, a sleepover camp in Haliburton, Ontario.


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