Friday Flick – L.A. Confidential

LA ConWhat:  L.A. Confidential

When:  1997

Who:  Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kim Basinger and Danny DeVito

What’s the story:  L.A. Confidential tells the dark tale of the police force and its internal corruption while criminal activities and violence being investigated during Los Angeles’ glamorous times of the early 1950s.

Where:  Tinseltown, otherwise known as Los Angeles or L.A.

Why it’s amazing:  This movie is intriguing because the three main male leads (Spacey, Crowe and Pearce) are all cops that are mismatched in how they work and what their ambitions are, leading to many scenes that are brilliantly acted and draw the audience in. On top of that, Kim Basinger truly showcases her acting chops in this movie, proving she is not only sizzling hot but her days of playing Vicky Vale are far behind her.

What is bad about it:  Occasionally, there is too much going on the plot and the film is unable to make sense of it all. However, it does not affect the movie’s quality overall.

Wonderful scene in the movie:  Well it is more strong – Russell Crowe comes unannounced to a couples house to defend the wife who is abused by her husband on Christmas.

Fun Fact:  Director Curtis Hanson stated that Kim Basinger was the first and only choice for the role of Lynn Bracken.

LA Con

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