Friday Flick – In Her Shoes

onesheetWhat: In Her Shoes

When: 2005

Who: Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and Shirley MacLaine

What’s the story: Having nothing in common except for their shoe size, the Feller sisters Maggie and Rose have always been close. However, they have a huge falling out over a man, breaking them apart for a few months. The silence is finally broken when a woman they never knew existed enters their lives – their grandmother Ella.

Where: Philadelphia and Florida.

Why it’s amazing: It is a heartwarming story about two sisters and how no matter what, they are always there for each other and support one another, especially with family hardships, revolving careers and romantic relationships and major life changes. As well, despite their differences, they always are able to put their relationship above everything else.

What is bad about it: Maggie’s life is left undefined in the end of the movie, while Rose’s future life is laid out well for the viewer.

Wonderful scene in the movie: When Maggie delivers a speech at Rose’s wedding – you have to watch the movie to understand why this moment is so special. 🙂

Fun Fact: Although Cameron Diaz plays Toni Collette’s younger sister in the movie, Diaz is 2 months older than Collette in real life.



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