DIY – Cool Coffee Table

Got a tired-looking coffee table sitting around? When I was at my good friend’s apartment for lunch this past weekend, she showed me her latest craft project and it looked good! To make it even better, it is simple and you can customize it with your favourite read!


Basically, my friend went out and bought an inexpensive version of her favourite book – The Great Gatsby. She brought it home, selected and cut out the pages of the story with quotes and sections that she loves.

Then, she simply took Mod Podge Gloss and soft craft brush, brushed it on the back and glued the pages down onto the top of the table, followed by trimming the edges so the pages lined up perfectly. She did one coat over top, waited a bit, then did a final second coat of the Mod Podge and left it undisturbed to dry overnight.

And VOILA! Here is the finished product. Pretty cool eh?



  1. This looks really great, Mel!

    PS. Can you install Disqus on here? It will make commenting easier 😉

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