Entertaining on Glass

I have always had a love of entertaining guests at home, particularly over food or serving a nice spread over wine. Since becoming an engaged woman, my appreciation for classic and useful food platters, serving pieces and other entertainment-focused items has grown, as I have built and revised my own bridal registry.

One of my favourite types of entertainment pieces are items that are made from glass. Glass is gorgeous for many reasons. It is simple to clean, it shows off the colour and beauty of the food you are serving, and it puts the attention purely on the delicious meal or canapes you spent hours slaving over or received after dealing back and forth with a catering company or takeout counter from a restaurant.

Here are some beautiful glass pieces I have come across on my bridal registry missions…

For your pre-meal snacks with dip (perfect for veggies or chips with the dip of your choice):

New Picture (1)

Mikasa Napoli Glass Chip N Dip, $39.99, sold at The Bay and at Mikasa.com

For nice cold ice water, served right at the table:

New Picture (10)

Nachtmann Bossa Nova Jug, $48, sold at William Ashley

For your fresh dinner salad – a beautiful piece that is a stunning design that shows off the colours of the vegetables:

New Picture (1)

Sophie Conran for Portmeirion Glass Bowl, $99.99, sold at The Bay

For your main course, presented nicely on this simple yet beautifully patterned glass platter:

New Picture (11)

IVV Wave Platter, $365, sold at William Ashley

For your juicy and sweet fruit salad delightfully served as part of the conclusion of the meal:

New Picture (13)

Miranda Trifle Bowl, $32.95, sold at Crate & Barrel

For your mouth-watering, delicious cake – a sweet way to end the meal for your guests and you:

New Picture (14)

Luigi Bormioli Footed Cake Plate With Dome Cover, $59.99, sold at The Bay

Did I miss any great glass recommendations? Share your glass item suggestions with me!


My Friendship with Tea: Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert

A fun thing I have experienced since becoming a bride-to-be is creating my wedding registry. As I figure out the needs of my future kitchen and in-home entertainment, my mom has been there every step of the way to guide me as I debate over the shape of my china, which food processor I should get or what colour my Kitchenaid Mixmaster should be. Through this process, one thing is clear – I am my mother’s daughter when it comes to my love of gorgeous serving pieces. In particular, my mom and I both share a great love of tea and pretty tea pots and tea sets to go with our hot beverages.

Even though I have tried to keep my wedding registry as practical as possible, I discovered an adorable tea collection and decided to indulge by adding a few pieces to my potential wedding gifts list:  Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert.

New Picture (1)

The Friendship Tea Collection by Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert is a delightfully feminine collection of fine bone china inspired by Miranda’s love for peonies and butterflies. The white and pastel backgrounds of the beautiful pieces provide the perfect canvas for blooms and butterflies to really stand out. These pretty pieces are a great addition to any afternoon tea party or adding some lovely colour to your everyday dining.

Here are some of my favourite selections from this collection:


New Picture (2)


New Picture (4)


New Picture (3)


New Picture (5)

This charming tea collection has a variety of items on its roster:  from full tea sets, cups and saucers, mugs, dessert plates, cake stands (both single and three-tiered stands), tea caddy, coasters, and adorable tea tips. Pricing ranges from $23 to $192, depending on the item.

For more information on this tea set and this brand, CLICK HERE 

A Natural Method of Cleaning

Like most, I am not the biggest fan of housework. After busy days at work and carrying a busy social calendar, a lot of us want to jump into sweats and put our feet up for the night. However, our lives wouldn’t be as great or healthy with a messy and dirty home. When I lived on my own during university and during the first few years of my working life, as much as I founding it daunting, I would make it a priority to clean up and organize for a few hours every weekend. This allowed me to start my week off on a clean note!

Aside from the actual act of cleaning, I have gotten into using more natural products – both personal care and home care – in my daily routine. With more natural products coming out on the market, I have been able to get rid of the harsh chemicals in my household products and still get a squeaky clean home without exposing my family and myself to anything unhealthy. This is when I discovered a great method… actually, Method Home Products.

New Picture (13)

Method is a brand that was founded by Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, who were looking to create a brand that fights dirt without the use of “dirty” products. When these men mean dirty, they mean harsh and harmful chemicals! I was originally introduced to Method when I noticed it on the shelves at a store and picked up a bottle of their Green Tea and Aloe Hand Wash. Soon after that, I discovered that Method not only had hand soap, but they had a wide range of products for home cleaning, dish cleaners, laundry, air-care and as mentioned already, hand and body products.

This line is very versatile, comes in a variety of amazing fragrances and when it comes to packaging design, this brand is ON POINT! The colourful bottles alone have you sold at first glance!

Here are a few of The Domestic Peach’s favourites from Method:

All-Purpose Cleaner (With powergreen technology):  This cleaner puts the “hurt on dirt” as Method says. It is a non-toxic, naturally derived, biodegradable formula that cleans well and leaves behind gleaming surfaces. Personally, the Pink Grapefruit and the French Lavender are my top picks.

New Picture (14)

Dish Pump:  This dish soap was created to get people “pumped to get clean dishes” as Method says. It is grease-fighting, biodegradable soap that comes in a cool pump design, releasing the soap cleanly without any additional sudsy mess. The Clementine one has my heart in this one.



Dryer-Activated Fabric Softener:  Method puts the dryer sheet into a simple, spray bottle. This plant-based, hypoallergenic formula has smartsoft technology, leaving clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh, all without the waste of fabric softener sheets. Fresh Air is all the way with this one. It just gives your clothes that freshness factor.

Fresh Air


Air Refresher:  This is a cleaner way to spray! Method has created a planet-friendly air refresher that is designed with innovative pressurized air technology, eliminating the aerosol spray we are used to.


Have you tried Method products? Please share your favourites with us below in the comment box on The Domestic Peach!

6 Thrifty Interior Design Tips

As the cost of living continues to rise, finding the funds to renovate and update your interior design has become increasingly difficult. However, by using a few a clever tips, you can update the look of your home at a fraction of the cost. This following are 6 thrifty interior design tips to help you spruce up your interior design on a budget.

6 Thrifty Interior Design Tips

1. One Man’s Rubbish is Another Man’s Treasure

After going through a renovation, the last thing you need to be doing is paying out even more to restock your room with appropriate furniture and accessories. The likes of Ikea may be offering you all that you need, but it doesn’t mean you should head there and hand over your hard-earned money. Try looking at local salvage yards. Due to the general feeling that a lot of today’s flatpack furniture is overpriced, salvage yards are a great place to find barely used furniture at a fraction of its retail cost.

2. eBay only in Moderation

eBay is a treasure trove of quality furniture at reasonable prices, but it is easy to get carried away and fall in love with all that you find. Always play your cards close to your chest and don’t get caught up in the furor of auction, blowing your budget in the process. Try ‘sniping’ by entering your maximum bid for an item at the very last second; it is a great way to really grab a bargain.

3. Embrace the Old

The vintage look is in, as the glossy and gleaming furniture sold in many stores today is slowly sliding out of fashion. Embrace older furniture that you may be ready to put out to pasture by touching them up yourself. Also, keep an eye for any old furniture you see being discarded, and keep a creative mind in order to see not what it is but what it can be.

DecorCollage.jpg4. Take Those Trips to Flea Markets and Antique Shows

When it comes to finding furniture, flea markets and antique shows have become gold mines. Just walk on in with an open mind, eagle eye and preferably an empty car trunk in toe. Your next favourite piece of furniture could be there.

5. Freecycle = Internet Skipdiving

Looking for free items is no longer the frowned upon process it once was. In the 21st century it is common practice, as the popularity of Freecycle proves. It is a global recycling network that has many sub-networks, which are dedicated to local areas and suburbs. Anything and everything pops up on there, but you must act quickly in order to get the items you want as they will go fast.

6. Don’t Shy Away from Second Hand

The amount of waste via interior design is phenomenal, especially when it comes to furniture. Choosing to buy second-hand is the easiest way to stretch your budget, without unnecessarily sacrificing on quality. For example, should you be updating your kitchen take a look at The Used Kitchen Company instead of one of the high-street chains. New items might be the preferred choice, but don’t blow your budget buying new when you don’t have to.

Ella Andrews is writer, blogger and social network enthusiast She is presently involved in learning more about interior design, storage and home decor: http://www.londonremovals.co/self-storage-in-pimlico/SW1.html