Clever Tips on Saving Money Around The House

We could all use a tip or two on how to save some money from time to time, but the sad thing is that most of those tips include a complete lifestyle change in order to see a return of your money. You will find yourself reading about skipping family holidays and switching to lifestyle which is more sustainable; and all you need is a nice tip on how to save some extra cash which you could use on that very holiday. Luckily, not all money saving tips include a complete lifestyle change.

Save money on water. Start with little things: when you’re brushing your teeth, close the tap. Or simply have a glass of water to wash your mouth afterwards instead of standing next to an open tap and brushing your teeth. In addition, how strong a faucet do you need while you’re doing the dishes? Replace your faucet with a low-flow one and see how your bills change for the better. You can cut your bills down from 25 up to 60%. These faucets are not expensive, they cost between $10 and $20 a piece, and the investment is worth it!


Plan ahead. Planning ahead is useful in all spheres of life, so why not plan ahead when you go grocery shopping too? Make a detailed list of things you need for that week and only go shopping once. Remember to really make a detailed list, for going back and forth for a forgotten loaf of bread and bag of sugar will waste your money, time, patience, and gas. In addition, stick to the list you made, many supermarkets make you spend more and buying a thing here and another one there will leave you penniless in the long run.

Saving money over night. So called ‘vampire electronics’ spend nearly a hundred dollars a year worth of electricity even when they’re turned off. It doesn’t matter if your TV or a cell phone chargers are only plugged in and not turned on, they’re still wasting electricity. So, to avoid paying higher electricity bills, plug your devices into power strips and make sure they’re switched off at the end of the day. When it comes to ‘invisible costs’ you should also consider investing in a better home insulation.


Saving money on TV and the internet. Almost every household has and needs a TV, good internet connection, and a phone; but in the long run, you’re paying three separate bills instead of one. Add a Netflix account to that and you can see where has all that money gone. To save a bit on all your tech needs, you can get a Compare Broadband bundle which combines all these things into one single service you pay. No separate bills and additional costs and you’ll save some time along with your money too.

Cleaning-saving tip. Buying cleaning products is a must, understandable, but they cost a lot. To save a bit here as well, try cleaning with baking soda instead. Also, baking soda combined with vinegar can easily unclog clogged drains.


Saving a bit of money is always a good idea, and it can certainly come in handy on a family holiday, and it can teach your children valuable lessons about money too. There is a great German proverb that says: “He who saves in little things, can be liberal in great ones”. So in order to be able to spend some more money someplace else, save on those little things in household.

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Modcloth’s Marvelous Spring Sale

From past Domestic Peach posts, you may have noticed some incredible inclusions that I have found on Modcloth – one of my favourite online shops! Modcloth was founded by husband and wife team Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger, who turned their passion for vintage clothing and retro-inspired designs into one of the most successful and plentiful fashion and accessory focused e-tailers online today. For those of you who love Modcloth as much as I do or who would love a great introduction to it, I have some great news for you…

MODCLOTH is holding an amazing SPRING CLEANING SALE, STARTING TODAY (Monday, April 27th) at 9 a.m. PT/ 12 p.m. ET SHARP!

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New Picture (15)

(Photo courtesy of

From dainty dresses to pretty pastel sweaters and cardigans to vintage-inspired graphic t-shirts to flowing skirts to perfect pants, the possibilities are endless! So clean out your closets and make some room for some Modcloth on your hangers and in your drawers. You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t miss out – the sale ends on Thursday, April 30th at 9 a.m. PT/ 12 p.m. ET. 

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Let’s Get Cozy! Fave Winter Warm Items

At this time of year, I wake up every morning and shiver at the thought of the very low temperatures that await for me outside when I leave for work or take my dog out for an early walk. Yes, winter can be very pretty, with soft snow covering the ground and the trees, with a gorgeous sparkle that is highlighted by the sunlight. It is whimsical, but as one admires its seasonal beauty, one also dislikes the feeling of cold – cold hands, cold feet, cold everything. Even when you come inside to warm up, you are still cold!

As a woman who craves comfort and warmth all the time, the winter is my favourite because it is when I stock up on these cozy items! Whether you are looking for more things to keep you warm this season or needing more gift ideas for the holidays, here are my latest faves that I recommend for this winter that I have purchased, worn and enjoyed so far…

Oversized Plaid Scarf by Garage ClothingI just bought this scarf and am in love! It is HUGE, soft, warm and looks great with many fashion items. Also, it is a good quality winter accessory and was only $26.

Plaid Scarf


Cable Leg Warmers by Lolë.  For the inner-ballerina in you or a desire to keep your ankles warm, these leg warmers are great! Wear them at home for comfort or incorporate them into an outfit.

Leg Warmers

Signature Women’s smarTouch Leather Gloves by Isotoner.  Compact, fleece-lined, chic looking, and touch screen capable when using a cell phone – what can be better?! Normally $62, I was able to grab a pair for $20 and have found them on sale at many stores. Take care of your hands and keep them warm this winter.

New Picture (27)


Slipper Clogs by Dearfoam. When looking back on my life before these slippers, I don’t understand why I waited this long to add something like this to my comfort clothes at home. Dearfoam slippers are warm, soft, have a good grip on the bottom for walking around the house and makes my feet feel pampered. Also, they are only $26 or even less at times, depending on sales.

Red Slipper


Flannel Pyjamas by bSoft Pyjamas. In the winter, PJs are key as the nights are colder and all you want to do is be cozy as you sleep. bSoft Pyjamas are warm, very soft, and come in a variety of patterns and colours. Also, they are just adorable!



Cable Knit Hat by Joe Fresh. A staple in anyone’s wardrobe for winter and only for $12! This hat comes in different bright colours, is thick and protective, and has a cute pom-pom on top. Something cute to protect your ears from frostbite, for sure.

Winter Hat

6 Thrifty Interior Design Tips

As the cost of living continues to rise, finding the funds to renovate and update your interior design has become increasingly difficult. However, by using a few a clever tips, you can update the look of your home at a fraction of the cost. This following are 6 thrifty interior design tips to help you spruce up your interior design on a budget.

6 Thrifty Interior Design Tips

1. One Man’s Rubbish is Another Man’s Treasure

After going through a renovation, the last thing you need to be doing is paying out even more to restock your room with appropriate furniture and accessories. The likes of Ikea may be offering you all that you need, but it doesn’t mean you should head there and hand over your hard-earned money. Try looking at local salvage yards. Due to the general feeling that a lot of today’s flatpack furniture is overpriced, salvage yards are a great place to find barely used furniture at a fraction of its retail cost.

2. eBay only in Moderation

eBay is a treasure trove of quality furniture at reasonable prices, but it is easy to get carried away and fall in love with all that you find. Always play your cards close to your chest and don’t get caught up in the furor of auction, blowing your budget in the process. Try ‘sniping’ by entering your maximum bid for an item at the very last second; it is a great way to really grab a bargain.

3. Embrace the Old

The vintage look is in, as the glossy and gleaming furniture sold in many stores today is slowly sliding out of fashion. Embrace older furniture that you may be ready to put out to pasture by touching them up yourself. Also, keep an eye for any old furniture you see being discarded, and keep a creative mind in order to see not what it is but what it can be.

DecorCollage.jpg4. Take Those Trips to Flea Markets and Antique Shows

When it comes to finding furniture, flea markets and antique shows have become gold mines. Just walk on in with an open mind, eagle eye and preferably an empty car trunk in toe. Your next favourite piece of furniture could be there.

5. Freecycle = Internet Skipdiving

Looking for free items is no longer the frowned upon process it once was. In the 21st century it is common practice, as the popularity of Freecycle proves. It is a global recycling network that has many sub-networks, which are dedicated to local areas and suburbs. Anything and everything pops up on there, but you must act quickly in order to get the items you want as they will go fast.

6. Don’t Shy Away from Second Hand

The amount of waste via interior design is phenomenal, especially when it comes to furniture. Choosing to buy second-hand is the easiest way to stretch your budget, without unnecessarily sacrificing on quality. For example, should you be updating your kitchen take a look at The Used Kitchen Company instead of one of the high-street chains. New items might be the preferred choice, but don’t blow your budget buying new when you don’t have to.

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