Fashion Week Survival Supplies

This week is World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto and the whole city is buzzing with showcasing designers, wannabe designers, media, PR people, fashion fanatics and more, looking to get a preview of what’s in store for this year’s fall-winter seasons. As a fellow PR professional who is helping to represent 8 designers (yes, I said 8 designers) at Toronto Fashion Week this year, I have created a list of must-have items that are helping me to stay made-up, connected, and healthy during these five days of fashion fun.

Here are the items on The Domestic Peach’s Fashion Week Survival Supplies list (all needed and compact to fit in your purse or computer bag):


Product call from the top left:

1) Bath and Body Works pocket-sized hand sanitizer – Keeping your hands clean in any fashion situation.

2) Elizabeth Grant Skin Care‘s Light Up Your Lips in Soft Pink – Hydrating your lips and adding a dash of subtle colour.

3) Tangle Teezer Compact Styler in Gold – Smoothing and styling your hair in any situation.

4) Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets – For prepping your skin for any photo close-ups.

5) Tide to Go Stain Removing Stick – You never know.

6) Poweradd Portable cell phone charger – Full battery power to return emails, send texts and taking amazing photos.

7) Quo Liquid Liner in Black – Long-lasting pop of liner for your eyes.

8) Cold-FX Daily Defense – Take a couple to keep your immune system up.

Peach Beauty Pick – Best Bronzers

It’s been almost two months since I returned from being away in paradise. When I mean paradise, I am referring to the week-long Caribbean cruise that my fiancée and I took over the holiday season in December. Enjoying the hot weather and long periods of sunshine for a week was a vital in rejuvenating myself for what has been one of my most busy quarters at work. Even though it has been almost 60 days since my lovely trip (not to mention being back in winter weather with a small amount of daylight), keeping up my vacation glow and appearing more energized is important – especially during these long winters and with my already fair complexion. This is where one of my important makeup items comes in – BRONZER!

Whether you were away over the holidays, were away this month, off on a mid-winter vacation or staying in town all season, here are The Domestic Peach’s favourites for making you glow:

Brush On Beads, The Body Shop, $22

New Picture (91)

This product has been my go-to since high school. Light, airy, and a gorgeous combination of bronze and blush beads, Body Shop’s Brush On Beads gives the face a touch of radiance with light-diffusing particles and pearl pigments.

Undetectable Creme Bronzer, Sonia Kashuk®, $10.99

New Picture (92)

I got into cream-based bronzers two years ago and I have to say that products like this are key to your makeup collection. This bronzer by Sonia Kashuk transforms from cream to powder and blends beautifully into the skin, while nourishing it with Vitamin E.

Sun On The Run, Too Faced Cosmetics, $20

New Picture (93)

A wonderful compact duo that you can keep on your bathroom counter or take with you for constant glowing coverage.  This Too Faced portable bronzer is half golden bronze, half-light bronze with a pink hue, along with a handy Flatbuki Brush.

All Over Bronzing Gel – SPF 15, Bobbi Brown, $34

New Picture (94)

A double message on sun protection here – fake the bake and protect your skin from the sun, all at the same time! Bobbi Brown has created a unique bronzing gel that enhances the shade of your skin with a tanned look, all while giving you a dose of SPF 15.

Got any staple bronzers in your makeup collection? Please share them with us on The Domestic Peach!

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Peach Beauty Pick – Kiss InstaWave

Waves, wonderous waves. Whether your hair is stick straight, frizzy wavy or ringlet curly, the look of big waves seems to be what most women crave for their mane these days. Over the last few years, the most stylized wave has come into play because it has the ability to either create more volume, smooth out those stubborn frizzy curls, or sculpts a simple yet more glamorous look. Craving it is one thing. Creating the waves is another thing. This is why I introduce you ladies out there to a great new hair tool to help your hair ride the wave:  The Kiss InstaWave.


Ever since the curling wand hit the hair styling market, I bought one and began experimenting with it – from creating tight, cute curls to giving it a beach hair look. In the beginning, it took practice. I would create weird ridges in my hair or my coordination to hold the wand without it slipping out of my protected gloved hand was not steady. After a few tries and watching some great DIY YouTube hair videos, I got the hang of it! However, when I had the chance to try the Kiss InstaWave, my interest was sparked as this tool only requires you to loop your hair through, press a button, and release the hair.

The InstaWand works in a few easy steps…

1) You decide what type of style you would like for your hair. Do you like loose, medium or super tight waves and/or curls?

2) Spray your hair with a light heating styling protector and comb it through your mane.

3) Heat up your Kiss InstaWave tool.

4) Loop your hair through the teeth surrounding the wand part of the Kiss InstaWave tool.

5) Press the setting button that matches the type of curl you want, which will wrap your hair around the wand, hold for the amount of time depending on the style you wish to achieve, then release and allow to cool.

6) Follow up with a spritz of hairspray once the curl has cooled down and is set.

After a test run, I used my Kiss InstaWave to style my hair for a friend’s wedding and this was the end result…


Overall, the Kiss InstaWave did a great job but I found I needed to practice using the tool, as it tangled my hair the first few times I tried to curl my hair. After getting the hang of it, it was simple. I loved how it curls the hair easier than a traditional curling wand and it protects your hands and arms from potentially being burned by the wand as it mechanically curls the hair for you with a quick press of a button. Once you get the hang of it, it is a great go-to curling and wavy mane tool!

Go Pink for a Good Cause – Shop for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Whenever October hits, the shades of red, orange and yellow are not the only hues that come to mind. Another colour that I associate with this month is PINK! It is a fun and feminine colour that many people, especially women, enjoy all year round. However, during this month, it comes along with a special message.

Pink is the colour that represents Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) – a campaign that was founded in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries (now a part of AstraZeneca). Eight years later in 1993, Evelyn Lauder (Senior VP of Estee Lauder Companies) helped expand the campaign by founding The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and establishing the signature Pink Ribbon as the BCAM campaign’s symbol.


Throughout the month of October, many cities and countries host large, medium and small events to raise funds for breast cancer research and patient programs, as well as awareness of the disease – such as how to check yourself, going for regular doctor visits and reviewing lifestyle aspects to keep in mind to help prevent and/or fight the disease. Whether it is a walk, a run, a benefit concert or a small community fundraiser, everyone comes together to help bring an end to breast cancer!

To add to the action of raising funds for breast cancer research, several retailers are running incredible campaigns to help their consumers feel involved by shopping and giving back to this good cause. Here are some of The Domestic Peach picks for great breast cancer campaigns where you can shop for great products and give some of your money back to the cause:


New Picture (27)

Since 2002, over $3.1 million has been raised through Kitchenaid’s Cook for the Cure program and sales from the KitchenAid® Pink Collection. KitchenAid contributes $75 with each purchase of the Raspberry Ice Architect® Stand Mixer with a minimum annual contribution of $75,000.


New Picture (18)

This iconic shoe brand is helping us run towards a cure with amazing footwear dedicated to this campaign. Designed with signature pink colors, the collection benefiting breast cancer awareness includes four popular and comfortable walking and running styles:  the slip-on Skechers GOwalk 2, the lace-up Skechers GOwalk 2 Flash, Skechers GOrun Sprint, and the award-winning Skechers GOrun 3. 10% of proceeds will be donated back to the cause.



Every year, OPI releases their Pink of Hearts nail polish set to raise funds and support the breast cancer awareness campaign. In its 8th year, the OPI Pink of Hearts consumer push is set to donate $25,000 to the cause. The set comes with the OPI favourite soft staple shade, Mod About You, and the glittery glitz flash polish, The Power of Pink.


New Picture (28)

One of The Domestic Peach’s fave retailers is back with another wonderful collaboration for breast cancer awareness. Loft has partnered with Holst +Lee to create a limited-edition jewelry collection, exclusively for Loft, to help raise funds for the cause. 70% of the purchase price will be donated back. Stylish jewelry to wear and giving to charity… what could be better?!