Break the Thirst – The Beverages of Summer

Break the sweat by the pool. Quench your thirst at a summer barbecue. After creating, testing and tasting some great libations through June and July, here are some of the Domestic Peach’s favourite beverages for an amazing August.

To keep it family friendly, we are keeping it non-alcoholic!

Shirley Temple

This cocktail is named after one of Hollywood’s most iconic child stars who inspired many to take up dance, singing, and acting. This is the ultimate virgin drink and is a favourite of both children and adults. A sweet mixture of cherries, lemon and lime, ginger ale and more!


CLICK HERE for a Shirley Temple recipe

Summer Fruit Non-Alcoholic Daiquiri

Picture all of your favourite summer fruit, combined into one cold and smooth drink. This is the Summer Fruit Daiquiri, skipping the liquor and embracing the delicious flavours of peaches, strawberries, mango and watermelon.

Summer Daiquiri

CLICK HERE for a Summer Fruit Non-Alcoholic Daiquiri

 Iced Raspberry Tea

Combine the best raspberries (from summer produce – they are the best!) with the classic drink of iced tea. Ideal for people who love berries and tea, this drink is a wonderful accompaniment to any summer day.

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CLICK HERE for an Iced Raspberry Tea recipe

Apple Ginger Sparklers

Spiked with ginger and cinnamon, this drink combines the classic glass of apple juice with a carbonated twist! A great connection between summer apples with a taste of an Autumn apple cider, this sparkler is rocking it on ice.

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CLICK HERE for an Apple Ginger Sparkler recipe

Cucumber Lemonade

The word ‘cucumber’ may make an individual think of salad, but think again… it is a cool and confident veggie that can be used in a cocktail. Put chopped cucumber together with lemon juice, fresh rosemary, and agave syrup and you got yourself a refreshing sip.

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CLICK HERE for a Cucumber Lemonade recipe

Fresh Grape Soda

This is not a purple can filled with very sugary grape pop. This is FRESH and delicious grape soda, made with the natural sweetness of yummy red grapes. Create a puree of grapes, put it together with honey and some lemon juice, then top it off with some seltzer. Incredibly cool.


CLICK HERE for a Fresh Grape Soda recipe

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