Big Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Sometimes the life of an urban dweller may look like a constant fight for every free square inch. There is never enough space to fit everything, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Owning or moving house to a tiny home is not necessarily something bad. You can turn your little apartment into a cosy and unique place, starting from your resting area.

5 Big Ideas For Tiny Bedrooms2

Even the snug bedroom has the potential to become a beautiful retreat. By incorporating basic design techniques and a little bit of imagination, you can create a truly relaxing and gorgeous place.

1. Set a Functional Layout – Unlike other rooms at your home like the kitchen or the living room, you need to fit fewer things in the bedroom. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create an efficient layout. The flow of the room has huge impact on the way a place looks and feel. If you are moving house to a smaller apartment, you should decide how to position all the things from your previous home. In all of these cases you need a good plan. Outline all the furniture you will out in there. Then you can clearly see the redundant stuff and eliminate them.

2. Mind The Room’s Geometry – Focal and centre point are basic design concepts that can help you arrange your place. If you are planning a relocation, visit the place and create an outline. Every successful interior has a focal point. This is an eye – catching element that gives the room focus and depth. In the bedroom this is usually the window or the bed. Sometimes these two features may clash. You can avoid it by placing the bed near or in front of the window. To create a cohesive interior, keep one of the elements neutral. The bed will also be a centre point, or the piece that determines the position of the rest of the items.

5 Big Ideas For Tiny Bedrooms3

3. Go Big or Go Home – Just because you own or moving house into a small place doesn’t mean that you can’t have a huge comfy bed. Actually, the larger furniture will make the place appear more spacious. If you picked a big bed, don’t combine it with teeny –tiny nightstand. The pieces in your interior should be proportionate to one another. A dresser in appropriate size is another alternative.

4. Invest in Storage – Keeping limited places clutter – free is a huge challenge. Make organizing easy by getting enough storage solutions. Take advantage of the vertical and under – the bed space. Get furniture that can serve double duty. For example a chest that can be a bedside table as well.


5. Light it Properly – If you want to create a visual illusion of more space, you have two options. You can paint the bedroom and neutral shades or you can use lightening. The latter is definitely most cost efficient. Plus it will save you the effort. Replace the bedside lamp, with a mounted solution.

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