A Peachy Playlist – Empowering Feminine Rock

When Lilith Fair was created over 15 years ago, it brought empowerment to women through music by uniting over 50 incredible female solo artists and musical groups. In the summer of 1999, upon arriving home from sleepover where I spent numerous summers as a child and teenager, I had my one and only Lilith Fair experience. I enjoyed the show during a hot summer night at an amphitheatre and loved every moment!

Even though my musical tastes have changed a bit since then, I have always had a soft spot for the talented female solo performer or the strong female musical group – one who composes their music, writes their lyrics and creates unique concepts for each individual album.

To pay tribute to these incredible women, I have created a playlist of my favourite female artists (both Lilith Fair alumni and other incredible talents). It was hard because I love multiple songs created by each of these gifted artists, but this is a great place to start:

lilith-fair1) Possession – Sarah McLachlan

2) You Learn – Alanis Morissette

3) Sunny Came Home – Shawn Colvin

4) Time – Chantal Kreviazuk

5) Strong Enough – Sheryl Crow

6) Hands – Jewel

7) Galileo – Indigo Girls

8) I Do – Lisa Loeb

9) Here With Me – Dido

10) Try – Nelly Furtado

11) The Long Way Around – Dixie Chicks

12) Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover – Sophie B. Hawkins

13) My Number – Tegan and Sara

14) Lucky One – Amy Grant

15) Come On – Letters to Cleo

16) Kiss The Rain – Billie Myers

17) What Would Happen – Meredith Brooks

18) I Don’t Want To Wait – Paula Cole

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