A New Year, A New Chapter

After a short hiatus due to work craziness and the holidays, The Domestic Peach is back in action and is ready for the new year!

As the clock struck midnight on January 1st, like many of you, I began to reflect on the past year and decided to take the valuable lessons of 2013 into the new year with me, along with all of the amazing things that had happened last year.

The last four months of 2013 alone were certainly amazing and hectic. I shifted towards independence in my PR career, I entered a new relationship with a wonderful guy, and I took more responsible steps to plan my future.


Even with these great things, I came up with a few practices to follow this year (which I think some of you could use in the new year):

1) Have a plan… but be prepared to bend, change or shift how your plan is laid out. Nothing can go completely as planned.

2) Start everything with a fresh and new attitude… even if it is difficult. Try to approach each and every task or situation with a new outlook.

3) Try something new… which can be something small to something extremely adventurous. For example, I am going to try rock climbing this year.

4) If last year was not your year… take away the valuable lessons and view 2014 as a new start. 2012 was not my year, so I used 2013 as the 12-month period to turn everything around. Even if one or two things turn around, it is still showing that you are growing, improving and that your happiness is becoming a stronger influence in your life.

Either way, I raise my glass and cheer to each and every one of you. Have a very happy, healthy and successful new year!



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