A little Thank You goes a long way

From a young age, one major lesson we are taught is to be kind to others and to always say “thank you.” These two little words are important. They may be short and quick to say, but thanking others and recognizing what they do for you and give to you is a small act of kindness that people deserve and in the moment, would appreciate to hear.


This year, apart from good health and happiness, I have a lot to be thankful for… and a lot of people to thank! With changes in my career and my wedding just under six months away, saying thank you has become more than regular habit for me. Apart from saying it, I feel writing it in a note is another personalized touch to show people you are grateful for what they have done for you.

Recently, I have discovered a wonderful online store which specializes in pre-made and custom stationery, including thank you notes and cards! The online store is called TINY PRINTS, which is one of four companies under the Internet-based image publishing giant, Shutterfly. Upon landing on this site, I was instantly lost in an incredible sea of stationery and thank you card options, ideal for all of the wonderful messages I would be busy writing to my loved ones, friends, and colleagues this year.

After much debate, here are the designs that I selected for my Thank You cards:

An inspirational thank you…

image1 (19)


Saying thank you in many different ways and languages…

image2 (1)

Wishing upon a star with a thank you…


My custom thank you cards I had made for my engagement party, done in a rich green – my favourite colour…


When I received the package from TINY PRINTS, I was so excited! I opened up the box, saw the cards I had made through this company and just LOVED them! The quality of the paper (even though I picked the lower end one to save some dollars) was very good and crisp. The colours looked great and stood out. Also, each card came with white envelopes, which matched the quantity ordered by the exact amount.

I have already used up all of the customized cards for my engagement party and will be placing a re-order of those cards for my upcoming bridal showers. Also, I have received compliments on the other cards I have sent to other people.

Amazing pre-made or customized designs, reasonable pricing, online ordering, and delivery right to your door – who wouldn’t love that?!

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