6 Thrifty Interior Design Tips

As the cost of living continues to rise, finding the funds to renovate and update your interior design has become increasingly difficult. However, by using a few a clever tips, you can update the look of your home at a fraction of the cost. This following are 6 thrifty interior design tips to help you spruce up your interior design on a budget.

6 Thrifty Interior Design Tips

1. One Man’s Rubbish is Another Man’s Treasure

After going through a renovation, the last thing you need to be doing is paying out even more to restock your room with appropriate furniture and accessories. The likes of Ikea may be offering you all that you need, but it doesn’t mean you should head there and hand over your hard-earned money. Try looking at local salvage yards. Due to the general feeling that a lot of today’s flatpack furniture is overpriced, salvage yards are a great place to find barely used furniture at a fraction of its retail cost.

2. eBay only in Moderation

eBay is a treasure trove of quality furniture at reasonable prices, but it is easy to get carried away and fall in love with all that you find. Always play your cards close to your chest and don’t get caught up in the furor of auction, blowing your budget in the process. Try ‘sniping’ by entering your maximum bid for an item at the very last second; it is a great way to really grab a bargain.

3. Embrace the Old

The vintage look is in, as the glossy and gleaming furniture sold in many stores today is slowly sliding out of fashion. Embrace older furniture that you may be ready to put out to pasture by touching them up yourself. Also, keep an eye for any old furniture you see being discarded, and keep a creative mind in order to see not what it is but what it can be.

DecorCollage.jpg4. Take Those Trips to Flea Markets and Antique Shows

When it comes to finding furniture, flea markets and antique shows have become gold mines. Just walk on in with an open mind, eagle eye and preferably an empty car trunk in toe. Your next favourite piece of furniture could be there.

5. Freecycle = Internet Skipdiving

Looking for free items is no longer the frowned upon process it once was. In the 21st century it is common practice, as the popularity of Freecycle proves. It is a global recycling network that has many sub-networks, which are dedicated to local areas and suburbs. Anything and everything pops up on there, but you must act quickly in order to get the items you want as they will go fast.

6. Don’t Shy Away from Second Hand

The amount of waste via interior design is phenomenal, especially when it comes to furniture. Choosing to buy second-hand is the easiest way to stretch your budget, without unnecessarily sacrificing on quality. For example, should you be updating your kitchen take a look at The Used Kitchen Company instead of one of the high-street chains. New items might be the preferred choice, but don’t blow your budget buying new when you don’t have to.

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