A Domestic Recipe – Pesto Chicken Pasta

I have been a lover of pasta for as long as I can remember and I know I am not alone in this. Pasta, in the right sauce and right accompaniments, can be absolutely amazing and in a way, comforting. I love to make or order to eat is a good pasta with chicken (for my protein kick) and paired either with veggies or a unique sauce. One ingredient that I am a huge fan of (and I know some of you are to) is pesto. To combine all of this, after this mouth-watering picture is a great recipe I have tested out before and got delicious results with…




350 grams of Pasta (White or whole grain, Penne or Bowtie, the choice is yours)
300ml Light Cream
1/2 cup of Basil Pesto
1 1/2 cups of cooked sliced Chicken Breast (cook beforehand; white meat is preferred)
3 Green Onions, sliced

Optional:  You can add some finely grated parmesan cheese on top of the pasta before serving



1) Cook pasta in a saucepan of boiling, slightly salted water until tender. Drain pasta, reserving 1/4 cup of liquid from the cooked pasta.

2) Return pasta to pan over medium-low heat and add reserved liquid, cream, pesto, onion, and chicken, then stir to combine items.

3) Once stirred well, cook everything for 1 to 2 minutes or until heated throughout.

4) Remove from the heat to slightly cool off.

5) Divide the large portion into pasta bowls, then sprinkle the parmesan cheese on top if desired. 

This recipe makes 4 servings of pasta; pairs nicely with a mixed green salad to start and garlic bread. 

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It’s time to Hydrate Your Hands

From holding to writing to typing to painting to hand-related tasks, it is important to always treat your hands with some TLC. Your hands are an extremely useful body part, but after a lot of wear and tear, they can get rough, cracked, chapped, or cut. Even handling just a small amount of paper for a short period of time can leave your fingers dry. This is why I am a fan of a good quality hand cream.


Hand cream is a wonderful thing. It has many benefits, such as:

  • Moisturizing and nourishing your skin
  • SPF protection – many hand lotions have sunscreen in them now as your hands are regularly exposed to the sun
  • Assist in smoothing out hands and reducing the appearances of dark spots – as they say, your hands can show your age as much as your face
  • Can help with cuticle and nail health

All it takes for great hand health is a small amount of hand cream applied and rubbed gently into your hands once a day and you are all set!

Here are some of my favourite hand creams that have been tried, tested, and reviewed by yours truly and are wonderful:

Hand cream

(Clockwise from the top left:  Aveeno Restore & Product Hand Cream, Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, L’Occitane Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream, Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado, Olive & Basil Ultra-Moisurising Hand Therapy, The Body Shop Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter, Elizabeth Grant Hand & Foot Cream, and EOS Fresh Flowers Hand Lotion)

From the Bridal to the Bohemian Rock Chic Handbag

One of the rewarding things about working in PR is that I get the opportunity to meet some incredible people, including some very talented and creative fashion designers.  One of the designers I have met over the past two years that has amazed me by her creativity, her eye for design, and her stellar personality is Minling Pan – the lovely driving force behind the handbag brand, MIN.


Minling has an incredible eye and vision, which she uses to create unique handbag designs that derive from a classic look to the latest trend on the market. What I love about her collections is that there is a special purse for everyone in it – whether you are looking for an everyday handbag that is interesting to the eye or a spectacular, show-stopping purse for a fancy occasion.

This year, MIN has presented two collections which are extremely different, yet cater nicely to the day and nighttime needs that we are looking for in a handbag.

The first of the two new collections is the MIN Bohemian Rock Chic collection, for the rocker girl in all of us. This roster of handbags melds together the rock n roll look of tassels, mod designs and tones, and practicality, all in one. This group has various options, which include clutches, cross-body bags, saddles, totes, and even a design that is inspired after a boxed design. The purses in this collection retail from $179 to $269.

image1 (20)

The second collection is the MIN Cologne Red Carpet collection, for the glamour girl that we all love to be… even for just a night. Inspired from a classic perfume bottle, these beautiful clutches have been produced in gorgeous colours with lace accents and come with long and short detachable chains for hands-free use. Purses from this newest cologne collection retail for $99.

image2 (2)

Minling’s creativity is truly unique. For me, it was love at first sight. I love her designs so much that on my wedding day in November, I will definitely be sporting one of her 2015 MIN Cologne Red Carpet clutches – a beautiful handbag that will truly complete my bridal look and keep my wedding lipstick close by in a gorgeous purse.

image3 (1)