Brightening up your desk with Poppin

My business partner and I moved our team and our business into an office of our own just before 2015 kicked in. It has been an excited time for us and our firm as we grow in size and space. Over the holidays, my partner, my partner’s husband, and our associate did a beautiful job decking the office out in our company colours and style. After some inspiration stemming from Pinterest and a few trips back and forth to IKEA and other home and office decor stores, our space came to life. Since then, I have thought – how can I bring my desk to life? The answer is Poppin!


Poppin is a company that creates slick, vibrant office supplies, in which they term as “workstyle products.” This brand designs  work tools that are beautiful to look at and provide items that help to dress up basic, boring or sterile workspaces. They are all about the idea of working happy and being surrounded by colour can truly contribute to your mood and how to approach your work.


As many of you may have noticed in my previous posts, I am a HUGE fan of colour. My closet looks like a rainbow, I wear the brightest shades on my nails, and I enjoy incorporating different colours and colour patterns into decor ideas – from a single throw pillow to floral arrangements to a shade of paint.

When I first discovered Poppin in Chapters/Indigo, right away I purchased one of their soft cover notebooks. As someone who takes a lot of notes and asks a lot of questions, I needed something to write in and something that was small enough to fit in the majority of my purses and computer bag. I bought the Poppin soft cover notebook in the medium size, in one of my favourite colours – bright blue (or referred to as Pool Blue by Poppin):

Here are some other notable items created from Poppin to add colour and happiness to your work space, such as portable filing cabinets, mouse pads, multi-purpose desk organizers, pens, and vibrant folders:


Aside from my trusty soft cover Poppin notebook, I am currently in a great debate about which route to go – select one uniform colour and outfit my desk with Poppin products in that colour OR go for the rainbow concept. Such hard decisions. As I continue to debate (and eventually come to a decision), I will continue to enjoy my notebook and keep you posted on my final answer. Until then, I recommend Poppin!

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The Spring Shades of 2015

Spring is beginning in less than 10 days, which means the colours of the season are about to change. Not only does spring bring beautiful lush green to nature and flowers to bloom, it ushers in a new group of colours that become the trendy hues of fashion and lifestyle. Last year, it was all about the vibrant, jewel tones. This year, the shades have shifted from the bold to cooler, and relaxed neutrals.


According to Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour, this season is embracing understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like shades, taking colour trends to a softer tone. The colour group is a complimenting combination of cool shades with subtle warmer hues – a key division for catering to two different palette tastes.

For this year’s the Colour of Year, 2015 said goodbye to the light orchid purple of 2014 and welcomed in MARSALA. Like a fine wine, Marsala is sensual, bold and delicious. Pantone labels it as a robust shade that incorporates warmth and richness, while acting a sophisticated hue that can match up well with other colour selections.


As for the rest of this spring’s colour line up, here is the role call:

AQUAMARINE – Deemed the lead colour for women this season. A gorgeous, airy blue with a dreamy feel.

SCUBA BLUE – An invigorating turquoise that offers a feeling of escape to a tropical ocean.

LUCITE GREEN – A soothing, light in weight and tone, green.

CLASSIC BLUE – Calming, confident and in harmony – this is classic blue.

TOASTED ALMOND – Warming and timeless, this neutral is nature-inspired.

STRAWBERRY ICE – Reminiscent of a refreshing delicacy, this pink is subtle and charming.

TANGERINE – Juicy and energizing, orange is welcoming and friendly and invites a smile.

CUSTARD – Pure comfort, just like the sweet dessert dish it is named after.

GLACIER GRAY – The dominant colour for men this season. It is quiet, assuring and relaxing – the ideal neutral.


Curious about what the Spring shades were in 2014? Looking to compare last year’s colour palette to this year? Check out our previous Domestic Peach Post on the Spring 2014 colours HERE

Dare to Dream

Never stop catching your dreams. Don’t dream your life – live your dream. You must chase your dreams if you want to catch them. 

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My Friendship with Tea: Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert

A fun thing I have experienced since becoming a bride-to-be is creating my wedding registry. As I figure out the needs of my future kitchen and in-home entertainment, my mom has been there every step of the way to guide me as I debate over the shape of my china, which food processor I should get or what colour my Kitchenaid Mixmaster should be. Through this process, one thing is clear – I am my mother’s daughter when it comes to my love of gorgeous serving pieces. In particular, my mom and I both share a great love of tea and pretty tea pots and tea sets to go with our hot beverages.

Even though I have tried to keep my wedding registry as practical as possible, I discovered an adorable tea collection and decided to indulge by adding a few pieces to my potential wedding gifts list:  Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert.

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The Friendship Tea Collection by Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert is a delightfully feminine collection of fine bone china inspired by Miranda’s love for peonies and butterflies. The white and pastel backgrounds of the beautiful pieces provide the perfect canvas for blooms and butterflies to really stand out. These pretty pieces are a great addition to any afternoon tea party or adding some lovely colour to your everyday dining.

Here are some of my favourite selections from this collection:


New Picture (2)


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This charming tea collection has a variety of items on its roster:  from full tea sets, cups and saucers, mugs, dessert plates, cake stands (both single and three-tiered stands), tea caddy, coasters, and adorable tea tips. Pricing ranges from $23 to $192, depending on the item.

For more information on this tea set and this brand, CLICK HERE