All Packed? Time to Clean Up Before Heading Off on Vacation

Going on a vacation may be a lot of fun, but a lot of people often neglect their home before heading off for fun times  and great adventures ahead. Yes, the packing and preparing for the trip can be a lot of work, especially if you are headed off on a vacation of two weeks or more. However, when you return, it makes the transition back into real life easier and more comfortable if your living space is clean, fresh, organized and kept nicely – something you will love the minute you walk in the door from the airport, train station or that long road trip.


There are many things you need to do before you leave, but here are some ways to clean your home and prepare it for your vacation ahead:

• Wash and put all your dishes away before leaving on your trip.

• You should also focus on wiping your kitchen counters, sweeping your floors and making sure you have nothing that may serve as food for any insects and critters in the times ahead.

• You should check your fridge to ensure its contents are safe during the time you will spend away from home. Anything you believe may eventually spoil during your vacation should go, regardless of what it is. Butter, cheese and eggs will likely last about a week or so without a problem, but if you have any doubts you should work on cooking something with them and taking it along or eating it to ensure you’ll have no issues.

• During your deep domestic cleaning, you need to take the kitchen trash and all recyclable items to their bins outside before you head off on vacation.

Cleaning up Before a Vacation

• For your bedroom, put a fresh set of sheets and blankets on the bed before you leave, as it will be a wonderful welcome for you upon returning from your trip. A change of table covers and towels may also be a nice addition to your preparations.

• Put all clean clothes away and place the dirty ones in your laundry bin if you have no time to deal with them. The last thing you want is having a bunch of dirty laundry lying around.

• Clean up your bathroom as well when you prepare so it will be pleasant to use once you return. Give the shower more attention if you ignored it for a long time.


• When all is said and done, you will need to make sure you also pay attention to your trash as well, since leaving it half-full may become a real problem. If you have any biological waste or food inside, it may attract fruit flies or potentially pests, which is hardly something any of us wants around our home as a welcome home surprise.

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Peach Beauty Pick – Kiss InstaWave

Waves, wonderous waves. Whether your hair is stick straight, frizzy wavy or ringlet curly, the look of big waves seems to be what most women crave for their mane these days. Over the last few years, the most stylized wave has come into play because it has the ability to either create more volume, smooth out those stubborn frizzy curls, or sculpts a simple yet more glamorous look. Craving it is one thing. Creating the waves is another thing. This is why I introduce you ladies out there to a great new hair tool to help your hair ride the wave:  The Kiss InstaWave.


Ever since the curling wand hit the hair styling market, I bought one and began experimenting with it – from creating tight, cute curls to giving it a beach hair look. In the beginning, it took practice. I would create weird ridges in my hair or my coordination to hold the wand without it slipping out of my protected gloved hand was not steady. After a few tries and watching some great DIY YouTube hair videos, I got the hang of it! However, when I had the chance to try the Kiss InstaWave, my interest was sparked as this tool only requires you to loop your hair through, press a button, and release the hair.

The InstaWand works in a few easy steps…

1) You decide what type of style you would like for your hair. Do you like loose, medium or super tight waves and/or curls?

2) Spray your hair with a light heating styling protector and comb it through your mane.

3) Heat up your Kiss InstaWave tool.

4) Loop your hair through the teeth surrounding the wand part of the Kiss InstaWave tool.

5) Press the setting button that matches the type of curl you want, which will wrap your hair around the wand, hold for the amount of time depending on the style you wish to achieve, then release and allow to cool.

6) Follow up with a spritz of hairspray once the curl has cooled down and is set.

After a test run, I used my Kiss InstaWave to style my hair for a friend’s wedding and this was the end result…


Overall, the Kiss InstaWave did a great job but I found I needed to practice using the tool, as it tangled my hair the first few times I tried to curl my hair. After getting the hang of it, it was simple. I loved how it curls the hair easier than a traditional curling wand and it protects your hands and arms from potentially being burned by the wand as it mechanically curls the hair for you with a quick press of a button. Once you get the hang of it, it is a great go-to curling and wavy mane tool!

Perfect Picture Pic – Necklaces and Bracelets and Ring, Oh My!

A few weeks ago, I was pulling items from a client for a photo shoot and I posted these pictures below on Instagram. My profile erupted with people commenting on the beauty and unique look of the jewellery and asking where the pieces were from. These gorgeous pieces are designed and hand crafted by Magnolia Silver Jewellery – a company that creates one-of-a-kind items, where no two pieces are alike.

If you are still looking for the perfect gift for the favourite gals in your life, Magnolia is definitely a great place to check out (that is, if there is a location in your area!)




Let’s Get Cozy! Fave Winter Warm Items

At this time of year, I wake up every morning and shiver at the thought of the very low temperatures that await for me outside when I leave for work or take my dog out for an early walk. Yes, winter can be very pretty, with soft snow covering the ground and the trees, with a gorgeous sparkle that is highlighted by the sunlight. It is whimsical, but as one admires its seasonal beauty, one also dislikes the feeling of cold – cold hands, cold feet, cold everything. Even when you come inside to warm up, you are still cold!

As a woman who craves comfort and warmth all the time, the winter is my favourite because it is when I stock up on these cozy items! Whether you are looking for more things to keep you warm this season or needing more gift ideas for the holidays, here are my latest faves that I recommend for this winter that I have purchased, worn and enjoyed so far…

Oversized Plaid Scarf by Garage ClothingI just bought this scarf and am in love! It is HUGE, soft, warm and looks great with many fashion items. Also, it is a good quality winter accessory and was only $26.

Plaid Scarf


Cable Leg Warmers by Lolë.  For the inner-ballerina in you or a desire to keep your ankles warm, these leg warmers are great! Wear them at home for comfort or incorporate them into an outfit.

Leg Warmers

Signature Women’s smarTouch Leather Gloves by Isotoner.  Compact, fleece-lined, chic looking, and touch screen capable when using a cell phone – what can be better?! Normally $62, I was able to grab a pair for $20 and have found them on sale at many stores. Take care of your hands and keep them warm this winter.

New Picture (27)


Slipper Clogs by Dearfoam. When looking back on my life before these slippers, I don’t understand why I waited this long to add something like this to my comfort clothes at home. Dearfoam slippers are warm, soft, have a good grip on the bottom for walking around the house and makes my feet feel pampered. Also, they are only $26 or even less at times, depending on sales.

Red Slipper


Flannel Pyjamas by bSoft Pyjamas. In the winter, PJs are key as the nights are colder and all you want to do is be cozy as you sleep. bSoft Pyjamas are warm, very soft, and come in a variety of patterns and colours. Also, they are just adorable!



Cable Knit Hat by Joe Fresh. A staple in anyone’s wardrobe for winter and only for $12! This hat comes in different bright colours, is thick and protective, and has a cute pom-pom on top. Something cute to protect your ears from frostbite, for sure.

Winter Hat