And the Pantone Pick of 2014 is…

Radiant Orchid!

Soft and beautiful, this gorgeous hue is a shade that inspires confidence and sparks of the imagination. For 2014, this colour of the year “emanates great joy, love and health.”

New Picture (85)

After a vibrant year centered around the jewel tone of Emerald, this whimsical purple takes the New Year’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends to the opposite end of the colour wheel – “a captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones.”

To incorporate the romance of Radiant Orchid into my life, here is a small start (a basic tank from Garage Clothing, Play Date by Essie nail polish, Emily Giffin’s A Heart of the Matter and an old school clown doll)…


Gift Giving – It’s a Wrap!

Gift shopping, preparing and exchanges are happening all over the world right now for the holidays. Each and every one of us feel our days are a bit more exciting and brighter as we giftbowsreceive presents from loved ones and colleagues that we’ve been longing for and cannot wait to indulge in after its unwrapped.

The excitement of seeing and receiving the gift truly begins before the item is revealed. It actually starts with the wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and the finishing touches made by the gift giver.

As much as I love pretty wrapping paper, it can get pricey. Instead, I opt for unique alternatives to dress up presents and save some my pennies to purchase the odd bows and ribbons to add those small details.

Here are my wallet-friendly yet creative ways to wrap gifts this holiday season:









Warmth & Style without Limits – The Infinity Scarf

One of fashion’s friendly and warm items for the winter is the classic infinity scarf – the accessory you don’t have to over think as you wear because there is no tying, folding or detailed styling involved.

Here are some of my scarf without limit favourites that I have come across this season so far…

Old Navy’s Women’s Performance Fleece Infinity Scarf, $9.94 – Soft, simple and very affordable! This scarf is a great addition to your outdoor skating experience, hitting the slopes hard or blocking the wind as you take in the winter wonderland scenery outside.

Old Navy

Garage Clothing’s Striped Eternity Infinity Scarf, $16.90 – Casual, smooth and multi-functional! This scarf is perfect with a pair of jeans, a button down cardigan and boots. It is not meant to be your wind shield, but it gives a great winter look to any outfit.

New Picture (80)

Express Sequin & Metallic Knit Infinity Scarf, $54.90 – Thick, durable and sparkly! This scarf is very warm and can dress up an outfit due to the scarf’s incorporation of sequins. The colour palette are simple neutrals, making it easy to match with any jacket or long-sleeved top.

Express Infinity Scarves