Blast from the Past – Perfect Strangers

As some of you know, I am in Chicago for the long weekend. Yes, I have just in Chicago a few weeks ago for Blogher ’13. However, the Windy City truly captured my heart, so I decided to venture back for five full days of fun and relaxation with three of my girlfriends.

To gear up for my trip earlier in the week, I started watching everything and anything Chitown-related!

As an 80s born child, one of my favourite pastime TV series that I would watch religiously with my parents and older siblings was Perfect Strangers. Perfect Strangers was a pure 1980s and early 1990s staple on the tube.

perfect-strangers-the-completePerfect Strangers is centered around the relationship between Larry Appleton and his distant Mediterranean cousin, Balki Bartokomous, who share an apartment together in Chicago. Later in the series, their girlfriends-turned-wives Jennifer and Mary Anne become prominent characters – adding to the comedic dynamic.

For a 30-minute sitcom, the plots were always simple yet hilarious, with several taglines and memories that many of us remember to this very day.

Even though the series ended after 8 seasons in 1993, I would still recommend it for when you need a good laugh!

Decoding the 2013 Fall Colours

Fall is arriving in less than four weeks, so it is time to get educated on the upcoming season’s colours. Whether it is for your wardrobe, beauty routine or decorating, learn about the colour picks of the season and the meaning behind each beautiful shade.

Fall Colours

Emerald – Elegant and lavish, this is the Pantone pick of 2013 and is a never-ending favourite shade for all seasons this year.

Mykonos Blue – Calm and relaxing, this blue is deep and still. No wonder it is named after the beautiful seas in Greece.

Linden Green – Sophisticated and soft, this faint green with a splash of mustard yellow is a neutral colour that is fresh and clean; a shade that works well in a professional look.

Acai – Rich and gorgeous, this purple shade with a hint of grey is a cooler colour which offers a romantic touch. It is soft, delicate and fantasy-like.

Samba – Passionate and sensual, this pinkish red creates a dramatic look. It is a great hue to wear if you want to be bold.

Koi – Warm and vibrant, this orange is autumn appropriate with a hint of spice. It kind of makes you crave some pumpkin pie.

Deep Lichen Green – Somber and relaxed, this offshoot of grey has an army green undertone and is easily matched against other colours.

Vivacious – Bright and playful, this pink combines magenta with deep fuchsia into a fun colour that is flirty, fabulous and adds pop.

Turbulence – Sharp and steel-like, this dark charcoal shade is a unique way to take all of the black out and add in some easy chicness with mysterious darkness.

Carafe – Earthy and deep, this brown is a rich version of chocolate brown. A stunning shade that can make one think of dessert – what could be better?

Let’s get lazy… with pants!

With autumn arriving in a few weeks, I’m starting to dust off my fall wardrobe and thinking about those relaxing nights in. One thing I crave during the cooler season is a comfy, cozy pair of sweatpants. After a long day of work, nothing is better than slipping into something soft and warm.

Last week, I attend the Fall preview for Lazypants. Lazypants is a brand that I discovered over a year ago. Since I first laid eyes on their wonderful lounge wear, the brand started popping up in popular boutiques. Personally, I can understand the obsession – Lazypants are high quality, come in a large selection of colours, and even after numerous washes, the pants are still thick, warm, and vibrant.


As I walked through the Fall preview at Toronto’s Bloke & 4th, I was surrounded by several pairs of Lazypants, along with their hoodies and EVEN a Lazypants blanket. I admit that the blanket being added to their collection made me very excited.

This season, Lazypants is showing new and unique washes and patterns when it comes to their pants.

I started the tour by checking out these new faded pants, which came in shades from jewel tones to soft gentle hues.


To get in touch with the tie dye trend, this hippy look was showcased well in shades of bubble gum, turquoise and a light indigo.


And for the simple shopper, Lazypants has their neutral staples – a great selection of them, I may add!


Next time you are relaxing, order up a pair of these pants and wear them as you lounge.

Visit to order and for more information.

Trust me. It’s a great way to get lazy!

Friday Flick – Awakenings

What:  Awakenings


When:  1990

Who:  Robert De Niro and Robin Williams

What’s the story:  Whether you believe in miracles or not, Awakenings shows that miracles can happen – whether it is for a moment, a day, a month, a year or forever. This film is based on the story of the world-renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks, who discovers the benefits of a Parkinson’s drug and uses it to awaken victims of the 1920s encephalitis lethargica epidemic that occurred during the summer of 1969. Fictionalized into an American story with the brilliant performances of Robin Williams as Dr. Sayer – a character that represents Sacks, and Robert De Niro as Leonard – the first patient to receive the drug and awaken after 30 years in a catatonic state.

Where:  The Bronx in New York City

Why it’s amazing:  Roger Ebert said it best – “After seeing Awakenings, I read it, to know more about what happened in that Bronx Hospital.” This statement seems simple but it rings true. This movie has a great ability to spark interest and curiosity in its viewers, making most people wanting to learn more about the story and Oliver Sack’s medical study. The passionate performance given by Robin Williams is moving. The emotional performance given by Robert De Niro can bring one to tears. You can feel the joy when the awakenings happen and you can feel the sorrows of what the patients’ experience.

What is bad about it:  It would have been nice to hear more about the aftermath at the end of the movie, as well as any medical strides that Sacks have hit since the awakenings in 1969.

Wonderful scene in the movie:  When Dr. Sayer takes Leonard out of the hospital for a day and Leonard sees the ocean for the very first time.

Fun Fact:  Penny Marshall, the director, wanted Bill Murray to play Leonard Lowe but she picked Robert De Niro to avoid audiences from thinking it would be a comedic film.


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