Friday Flick – We Are Marshall

What:  We Are Marshall

When:  2006  We-are-marshall-lores

Who:  Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox and Anthony Mackie

What’s the story:  A true example that anything is possible if you believe and have the courage to do so. We Are Marshall tells the true story of the 1970 plane crash that killed 37 football players and eight athletic coaching and training staff from Marshall University’s Thundering Herd team and showcases the courageous aftermath of how the team was rebuilt and how the community’s healing inspired a nation.

Where:  Based in Huntington, West Virginia in the U.S., at Marshall University.

Why it’s amazing:  We Are Marshall is a reminder that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel. This team, this university and this community experienced a tragic loss in 1970. Instead of remaining in the dark shadows of grief, they acted. They rose together, rebuilt their Thundering Herd and supported each other to heal their hearts. Also, who doesn’t love a great football movie? And it is a true story. Great combination.

What is bad about it:  This movie did not receive the most favourable reviews from all film critics, but it is still worth a watch. Matthew McConaughey’s performance was very touching. However his accent made me giggle a few times.

Wonderful scene in the movie:  The students and supporters of Marshall University’s Thundering Herd chant “We Are Marshall” outside the building where the university administrators are having a meeting to decide if they should cancel the school’s football program for the year.

Fun Fact:  4+ former NFL players made cameo appearances in the movie.



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Happy Summer! Now cue the music…

Welcome to the first day of summer! With the arrival of hot sunny days, warmer nights and more hours of light, many of us are just smiling as we enter into this new season! Maybe it’s the relaxing pace, maybe it is huge exposure to vitamin D or maybe it’s the longer days? Who knows! All I know is I can’t wait to see what the summer of 2013 brings!

Summer Sun

As cheesy as this is, here’s a short playlist to welcome summer, filled with some newer, some older and some pure classics:

1) Summer Girls – LFO (1999)
2) Hot Fun In The Summer Time – Sly & The Family Stone (1969)
3) California Gurls – Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg (2010)
4) Kokomo – The Beach Boys (1988)
5) Summer Nights – John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, Grease Soundtrack (1978)
6) Holiday – Madonna (1983)
7) Summertime Blues – Eddie Cochran (1958)
8) Sweat – Inner Circle (1992)
9) Tequila – The Champs (1958)
10) Summer Love – Justin Timberlake (2006)
11) Vacation – The Go-Go’s (1982)
12) Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (1991)

Wishing you all an incredible summer this year!

Perfect Picture Pick – N9NE Gala

Last night, I attended the N9Ne Gala in Toronto – a benefit in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund.

This year, N9Ne had an incredible musical collaboration between Bellosound and Sonia Lee, the talented violinist who performed at President Obama’s inauguration.

As I enjoyed the beautiful music, I captured them as they played under the moonlight against the backdrop of the city skyline…


Congratulations to Roula Panagiotopoulos, founder and chair of N9Ne, on an incredible event!

To check out the stunning sounds of Sonia Lee, click here

It’s starting to smell like summer!

With everyone starting to say “it smells like summer”, a lot of us ladies want to join in on this fragrant awakening to welcome the sunshine, romance, and adventure.

Personally, I love the summer because it is the time of fresh fruit, fresh flowers and fresh fragrances that are lighter and more natural.

Here are some great body products submerged in amazing summer scents, all under $30 (smell great and save money!) – the aromas that remind us of sunny days, warm nights and the wonder surrounding the season as we breathe in…

Summer Scents

1) Sun-ripened Raspberry Shower Gel from Bath & Body Works – this very berry shower gel awakens the skin with the sharply sweet aroma of raspberries as it cleanses.

2) Olive Body Scrub from The Body Shop – the combination of olive and carrot root nourishes the skin as the gentle scrub exfoliates away dead skin cells.

3) Warm & Cozy Body Lotion from PINK by Victoria’s Secret – Vanilla and Peonies – what else could a girl ask for? When you wear this lotion, not only will your skin feel like silk but some people may pass by you and ask why it smells like candy (true story).

4) Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal from Kiehl’s – Simply soothing after a day out in the sun. The aloe vera cools the surface as the oatmeal rejuvenates the skin with essential nutrients.

5) Orange Cantaloupe Eau De Fruits from Fruits & Passion – Exotic orange mixed with softer cantaloupe creates this light, romantic scent…and it stays on in the heat!

6) Spring Rain Blossom Fragrance Mist from Bodycology – No need to wait for a summer rainstorm. This invigorating mist is refreshing with its perfume of blossoms and raindrops.

For more summer fragrances and body product recommendations, send me a message! I literally have my own bath and body store under my bathroom sink. 🙂