Friday Flick – Meatballs

What:  Meatballs6a0120a85dcdae970b0120a86d45b9970b

When:  1979

Who:  Bill Murray

What’s the story:  A funny, feel-good film about a summer away at sleepover camp – a movie that takes many of us back to those amazing years at camp. Set in the summer of 1979 at the fictitious Camp North Star, Meatballs follows the hilarious antics of Tripper Harrison (head counsellor), the CITS (counsellors-in-training), and the campers, as they face the good, the bad, and the ugly while having the summer of their lives.

Where:  In Canada at a sleepover camp.

Why it’s amazing:  Meatballs literally transports anyone back who are former camp goers to a time where camp was everything and excites current campers for their summers ahead at camp. This movie covers all of the camp classics – the activities, the friendships, the pranks, the first kisses, and the tears shed at the final campfire. Also, it was filmed at an actual sleepover camp and not a set – very authentic.

What is bad about it:  Nothing! Well, I am biased because I was a camper and staff member for many years at sleepover camp. The only thing some could argue is that it is apparent that the film’s budget was small.

Wonderful scene in the movie:  A toss-up between the colour war sequence scenes between Camp North Star and Camp Mohawk and when Tripper and the male CITs move the camp director in his bed from his cabin into the lake.

Fun Fact:  This movie successfully launched the career of Ivan Reitman as a distinguished director and was filmed at Camp White Pine, a sleepover camp in Haliburton, Ontario.


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Perfect Picture Pick – Pizza Spring Rolls

This week, I went out for a casual dinner to Boston Pizza with a colleague. We picked the restaurant and location for their patio, plus I admit it… I had a carb craving! Little did we know that they have this amazing appetizer – Pizza Spring Rolls. This may seem like an odd culinary concept, but believe me, they were insanely delicious!

Pizza Spring Rolls

Summer School… on SPF & Sun, that is.

With summer on our minds, many of us get caught up in the excitement and forget one of the most important things during this season – SPF & SUN PROTECTION!

Here are ways to keep yourself protected, hydrated and healthy that are easy and just plain good for you…

1) Apply a moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 15 to your face post-morning cleanse. If you use a special cream without SPF, apply an oil-free sunscreen first, followed by the moisturizer. Sunny, cloudy or rainy, it does not matter. UV rays are always there to shine down on you.

DON’T FORGET TO PUT SPF ON: Your ears, underneath your chin on your upper neck and right by your hair line.


2) Before your dress, caress with sunscreen. We all wear clothes in the summer that expose more of our arms, legs, backs and upper torso. Aside from your face, protect other areas from premature aging, painful sunburns and sun spots. Remember to reapply every few hours too.

3) Lock your lips with SPF balm. Hit the drug store and purchase a basic lip balm with SPF 15 in it. Go with a clear one, which you can apply to your lips and allow to absorb before putting on coloured lip gloss or lip stick. A simple boost of protection you can take with and apply throughout the day.


4) Shield your eyes with shades. Wearing sunglasses in the summer is key. They protect your eyes from the damaging effects of sunlight. They help to prevent sun headaches and shade the extremely thin skin in your delicate eye area.


5) Hat your head. Hats do not have to be geeky or ruin your outfit. Go with a vintage sun hat or a baseball cap you love  and wear it when you are in the sun for hours at a time. Hats help to prevent sunstroke and scalp burns. If you are not a hat person, wear a funky bandana!


6) Water is wonderful. Make sure you incorporate water into your daily routine. If you keep forgetting to up your water intake, create a reminder system so you remain hydrated. To keep costs down, purchase a reusable water bottle to fill up! No one enjoys being heat sick.

7) Love the layers. Yes, it is hot out, so the last thing you are thinking about is layering up. Try to bring along a light long-sleeved shirt, wrap or cardigan around with you though. Cover up when you can to help protect your skin from sunburns and sunstroke.

Protect, prevent and hydrate – it will make your summer even better! Enjoy!


DIY – Cool Coffee Table

Got a tired-looking coffee table sitting around? When I was at my good friend’s apartment for lunch this past weekend, she showed me her latest craft project and it looked good! To make it even better, it is simple and you can customize it with your favourite read!


Basically, my friend went out and bought an inexpensive version of her favourite book – The Great Gatsby. She brought it home, selected and cut out the pages of the story with quotes and sections that she loves.

Then, she simply took Mod Podge Gloss and soft craft brush, brushed it on the back and glued the pages down onto the top of the table, followed by trimming the edges so the pages lined up perfectly. She did one coat over top, waited a bit, then did a final second coat of the Mod Podge and left it undisturbed to dry overnight.

And VOILA! Here is the finished product. Pretty cool eh?