Decoding the 2013 Fall Colours

Fall is arriving in less than four weeks, so it is time to get educated on the upcoming season’s colours. Whether it is for your wardrobe, beauty routine or decorating, learn about the colour picks of the season and the meaning behind each beautiful shade.

Fall Colours

Emerald – Elegant and lavish, this is the Pantone pick of 2013 and is a never-ending favourite shade for all seasons this year.

Mykonos Blue – Calm and relaxing, this blue is deep and still. No wonder it is named after the beautiful seas in Greece.

Linden Green – Sophisticated and soft, this faint green with a splash of mustard yellow is a neutral colour that is fresh and clean; a shade that works well in a professional look.

Acai – Rich and gorgeous, this purple shade with a hint of grey is a cooler colour which offers a romantic touch. It is soft, delicate and fantasy-like.

Samba – Passionate and sensual, this pinkish red creates a dramatic look. It is a great hue to wear if you want to be bold.

Koi – Warm and vibrant, this orange is autumn appropriate with a hint of spice. It kind of makes you crave some pumpkin pie.

Deep Lichen Green – Somber and relaxed, this offshoot of grey has an army green undertone and is easily matched against other colours.

Vivacious – Bright and playful, this pink combines magenta with deep fuchsia into a fun colour that is flirty, fabulous and adds pop.

Turbulence – Sharp and steel-like, this dark charcoal shade is a unique way to take all of the black out and add in some easy chicness with mysterious darkness.

Carafe – Earthy and deep, this brown is a rich version of chocolate brown. A stunning shade that can make one think of dessert – what could be better?


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